MOTD: Gold, Purple and Pink Eye Shadow Look.

This post is going to be on an eye shadow look. This look using a shimmery gold, pink and purple. It is a quite a warm eye look and really helps to bring out eye colours - especially if you have green or blue eyes. Keep on reading and I shall tell you guys how I created this look!

So, to begin I primed my eyelids as always. I then took my MUA Heaven and Earth palette and took one of the two gold shades and applied it all over my lids. After this, I deepened the gold by taking my shimmery pearl MUA single eye shadow and applying that all over my lid, focusing more on the middle and outer corners. Next off, I took a fluffy brush and applied a matte purple into the crease and slightly into the outer corner. I made sure this was blended well and then took a matte pink and applied that just above the purple and again blended. I took a shimmery white shadow and highlighted my brow bone and inner corners and then I curled my lashes. I lined my waterline with a black kohl pencil and also lined my top lash line with a liquid eyeliner and flicked it out. Finally, I applied my favourite mascara and that's the look done!

Thanks for reading and as always I shall leave a list of everything I used below!

• Elf Eyelid Primer
• MUA Heaven and Earth palette
• MUA Single Eye Shadow 
• Sleek Snapshots Palette
• Collection 2000 Liquid Eyeliner
• NYC Show Time Mascara 
• No.7 Kohl Eyeliner

Levinia x

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