HOTD: Wavy.

Hey guys - I have a little hair post for you today. I am going to tell you guys how I achieved this really easy to do, big wavy hair look! This look is completely heatless too, keep on reading to find out how I did it.

I began this look with wet hair, this look works with dry hair but I prefer the outcome when my hair is wet.

So, first of all I sectioned layers of my hair and clipped them up. I left my bottom layer down and then took a smaller section of my hair and began to do a simple plait. To secure the plait I used a very small elastic. I continued to plait all of my hair, working up to each layer until my whole hair was plaited and secured by elastics.

Now, this is where we wait. If my hair is wet, I like to leave it overnight but you can alternatively just wait about 3-4 hours till it's completely dry. If it is dry, i would definitely wait overnight just to be sure your hair will definitely curl.

Once my hair is dry or I have waited overnight, I took all of my elastics out. I then seperated the plaits and began to brush my hair out a little. This made my hair quite big and so I continued to brush until it was a bit more tame. I brushed against my hand to avoid frizz.

To style the hair, I just took a lttle bit of styling wax on to my fingertips and work it through the ends and roots of my hair. I took my bangs and just twisted them together and secured them on the side.

And that is the look completed! As you can see, it is really simple to do and the results are great! This hairstyle is so voluminous and versatile and you can style your hair in alsorts of different ways with these waves.

Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope you like this look and please leave a comment if you like!  

Levinia x

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