Hair Tutorial: Vintage Curls.

So this post is a little something different to what I usually write about. It is a hair post! I recently tried out a style and I really wanted to share it with you guys and tell you how I achieved it.

The style itself is a very vintage curled hairstyle. It is worn on the side and secured using bobby pins. The curls are heatless, too!

To start off, here's a list of what you will need:
• Foam rollers (small or large depending on desired curl).
• A brush.
• Bobby pins.
• A styling product like a wax.

So, to begin you will want to start with damp hair. Then, section your hair in layers to make it easier to put in your foam rollers. Clip away the bits of hair you are not using and section smaller bits of hair for your rollers about half an inch to an inch thick depending on your own desires.

To put the rollers in, take a piece of hair and begin to wrap it around the foam about 2 inches up from the ends. Once you have wrapped the hair around the foam roller at least once from the end, begin to roll upwards towards to the root making sure the hair is in line as you roll. When you reach the root of your hair, secure by bending the rollers in place. Keep doing this until you have all your hair done!

Once you have all of your hair up in rollers, it is time to decide how you would lik to create your curl. If you want your curls done fast, then you will need to dry your hair using heat for around 15-20 minutes. If however you have time, you can wait for your hair to naturally dry or simply sleep on it. Whatever option you choose, it is important than your hair is completely dry before removing your foam rollers!

Now, once you have made sure your hair is dry, you can take your rollers out. This part is going to be the most time consuming - brushing out the curls. Not completely, just so they are looser and not as tight. Brush your hair against your hand to minimize frizz and keep on brushing your hair until the curls are more like waves or just till they are loose enough to your liking.

After this, take some of your chosen styling product - I like to use a wax as I find it combats frizz better. Use just a little on the tips of your fingers and run it down your hair focusing on the ends. This will make your curls look smoother and softer. Now, to style it into the finished look. You can wear your curls out if you like. The bangs you can clip up and away or you can brush them down and into shape and wear them out! I went for brushing my curls to one side and securing them with a few bobby pins. My bangs were brushed to the opposite side as I have a side fringe. 

And that's the finished look! I really love this style. I am a fan of all things retro and I think this look is so pretty and classy. It is actually way more easier to do than it sounds and it really does not take that long.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun trying this look out - let me know how it goes if you do!

Levinia x

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