Coconut Oil: Benefits & How I Like To Use It!

Recently, I read a few articles and did a little bit of research into coconut oil. I have always opted for skin care products - particulary for my body - that contain things like coconut and cocoa butter but had never really thought about purchasing pure coconut oil. As I mentioned though, I did my research and was really amazed at all of the benefits and uses of it. So I got myself some!

I read up and saw that purchasing organic coconut oil is important as it is 100% and doesn't contain anything un-natural. So that is what I got! Before I tell you about how I use the oil and what I think of it, I shall tell you guys a little information about coconut oil and its uses..

Lauric acid is contained in large quantities within coconut oil and this possesses many beneficial features. One of its most best known features is its anti-bacterial qualities which helps to of course fight bacteria and infection. Coconut oil is also packed with antioxidants which helps to generate new skin cells and therefore produce younger looking skin!

Some uses for coconut oil include:

→ Moisturizing skin
→ Deep cleansing and prevention of spots and black heads
→ Anti-bacterial
→ Soothes skin - good for treating conditions such as eczema
→ Anti-ageing
→ As a hair treatment.

I like to use my coconut oil mainly for my skin and I have yet to use it for my hair. Every other day I like to apply it to my legs and arms and anywhere I tend to get dry skin. As it is an oil, a little bit goes a very long way. I also like to sometimes apply itto my face instead of a moisturizer once or twice a week - usually on the night as I can give it the whole of the night whilst I sleep to sink in and absorb. Instantly, my skin feels soft and it smells delicious which is always a bonus! I have noticed a very clear difference to my skin and face after only a few weeks of using this product. My skin has a natural glow to it and looks a lot more healthy. It feels soft but not oily and the blemishes a little spots I had on my skin have more or less gone. My skin feels and looks a lot better. As I said, I have yet to use it on my hair, but I absolutely love using it on my skin.
I got my coconut oil from my local Supermarket and I paid seven pounds for it. That may seem a tad pricey but bare in mind it is organic and will last for an extremely long time - so really its not so bad! The coconut oil I got is  from The Groovy Food Company and it is Virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil has so many more uses that I haven't even covered here and it is loved by many. It is a natural product that has been used for thousands of years and I for one would definitely recommend you give it a go. 

Thanks for reading!

Levinia x

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