BARGAIN: OPI Nail Polish Haul.

So I thought I would do this quick little nail varnish haul and at the same time share with you guys this amazing deal that I bagged myself!

I bought these 4 OPI nail varnishes, they are apart of the Shatter Effects collection and I got four different shades. I got these from none other than the 99p store. Yes, you read correctly; these varnishes were just 99p each. They are the real deal as well and they do exactly their purpose and work brilliantly. This is such a great deal that it was much too good to miss out on! The varnishes retail for around £8 onwards so the profit I made here was amazing. I will now show you in more details the shades that I got...

So first off I got this really pretty, classic bright red shade. It called ' Red Shatter'.

Next I got this matte black shade and it is called 'Black Shatter'.

Thirdly, I got this pretty shimmery gold varnish and that is named 'Gold Shatter'.

And finally, I picked up this lovely metallic silver varnish called 'Silver Shatter'.

These are my first OPI polishes as I could never bring myself to spend so much for one polish. So when I found these for only a quid each, I really couldn't say no! If you have a 99p store near you I would really reccommend you pop in and have a look.

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Levinia x

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