Supermarket Review: Tesco Shower Creme Tea Tree and Mint.

So, whilst browsing in Tesco one day, I decided to pick up a new shower gel. I was planning on getting the Original Source Tea Tree one as it is one of my favourites. As I was about to grab it I spotted this Tesco one. It looked the same and for more than half the price, I decided to give it a go!

After using it, I noticed it smelt extremely similar to the Original Source gel. Not quite as lovely, but still very nice. It foams up really nicely and a little bit goes very far. It also gives your skin that tingly feeling that the original does, leaving you feeling very fresh and clean.

Overall, this product is a really great dupe and is a good product in its own right. For £1, I really don't think you can go wrong at all. Definitely worth a try!

Are there any Supermarket beauty products that you would recommend?

Levinia x

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