Review: TRESemme Colour Fade Protection Conditioner.

I have never really been into TRESemme products, but as of late I have been trying them out. Most recently, I purchased their Colour Fade Protection conditioner. The product claims to protect colour for 40 washes and to make hair softer and more manageable.

I dye my hair and so keeping my colour bright for as long as possible is an important factor to me. I have tried quite a few products that claim to prevent fading but they never really do the job. This product however, pleasantly surprised me.

I noticed straight away that no colour was washing out in the shower compared to usual. After using the shampoo for a few days I have noticed that my hair look shinier and feels a lot healthier too. It makes my hair incredibly soft as well which I love. Overall, this product is something that I would definitely recommend - especially if you dye your hair.

Levinia x

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