Review: Aussie Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner.

I am a massive fan of Aussie products. They are probably one of my favourite hair care brands. So when I walked into Superdrug and saw a 2 for £7 deal on their range, I snapped up the chance to get some more of their products right away! One of the things I picked up is their Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner and this is what I shall be reviewing in this blog post!

The product claims to protect hair colour and prevent it from fading for longer. As well as this it promises to provide shine and improve hair strength.

The product itself smells lovely as most Aussie products do. It left my hair feeling really nourished and moisturised which is great as my hair can be prone to dryness due to heat styling. It has definitely helped to preserve my hair colour and as well as this, I found the conditioner detangled my hair very well, leaving it much more manageable.

My hair feels softer and looks a lot healthier after using this. It is much less frizzy and I feel that it has helped to prevent the increase of more split ends which is great. I like to spray mine onto the ends mainly as my hair can get greasy easily.

I would definitely recommend this product to those who have coloured hair and even those who don't. For me it has numerous uses and benefits my hair in more ways than one. And getting it along with another product for £7... well that is definitely a win win for me!

Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked this post!

Have you tried any of Aussie's products?

Levinia x

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