Review & Advice: Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover.

So today I wanted to do a review on a product and also give you guys a bit of advice on how I personally use it.

The product I am going to be speaking about is the Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover. What this basically does is something kind of similar to bleaching. It strips your hair of all of the dye on it by shrinking the dye molecules and allowing them to be washed away. It is supposed to restore you to your natural hair colour although because dying can sometimes lighten the natural hair, I have found that the product simply lightens my hair and takes me to a ginger / honey blonde sort of shade.

The reason that I use this product and my tip for its use is to use it every few months to give your hair a break and a better base for dying it. By removing all of the layers of old dye, any build up is then gone and a clean base is created. I always find that after a while of dying my hair, the colour gets gradually darker or not as bright and using the Colour Remover prior to dying my hair really does make a difference. Not only this, because the dye is removed from my hair this means that I have a lighter base and thus a brighter colour pay off! This product does not damage the hair in any way like bleach would. It does not dry it out or cause it to break - in fact my hair actually feels better after using it.
So, now I shall show you guys some pictures and give you a little run down of how you apply and use the hair colour remover and how I like to use it..

In the box you get 3 bottles marked A, B and C. A is an activator, B is the remover formula and C is the buffer treatment. You also get instructions and some gloves in the box. You are instructed to pour bottle Bs contents into bottle A. You then shake the bottle and you are ready to apply. I applied mine similarly to how I apply my hairdye; the hairline and roots first, then the length and then all over the hair working it into the roots and lengths with my hands and a tint brush in areas. After this, you are told to wash out the remover and rinse for five minutes. You then apply the buffer which works like a sort of conditioner and leave it on for a minute and then rinse. After doing this you are told repeat the whole step once more.

As I said, this left my hair a ginger / honey blonde colour. It felt soft, lighter and just generally healthier. There is a lot of product and it covers really well - especially on thinner hair. I left mine on for the maximum specified time, also. After I had rinsed, I left my hair to dry naturally for a while and then dyed it with my regular dye. I found that my dye took better and even before a few washes I could see that it had definitely taken well and was a lot brighter. My hair just feels way healthier and lighter now and it is nice to know that all that nasty dye build up has been removed!

As you can see, it sent me this ginger / dark blonde kind of colour!

And there you go. That is my review and personal advice for this product. I probably do this every 5 or 6 months. The product itself usually retails for around £9.99 in your local drugstore as well as in Supermarkets. Currently it is only £8 in Tesco which is a bargain!

So yeah - thank you so much for reading. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful! Have you ever tried this product? If so, how did it work for you?

Levinia x

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