Pre Birthday Haul!

So, as you may have guessed it is my birthday in a few days and I got a few of my presents early (no complaints there!) I love them so much and feel so lucky to have them and I thought I would do a pre-birthday mini haul type post for you today. I requested these particular gifts so I will be able to leave you the prices and places they came from which I hope will be helpful for you guys. Lets get started!

The first thing I received was this beautiful Primark lightweight parka. This actually came from Asos as it was something I had came across on their site. I instantly fell in love with it and had been searching high and low for a jacket just like this so I was so pleased to finally get one.

Secondly, I got this Soap and Glory body butter trio. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite brands and I absolutely their body products. All three of these smell amazing and I cannot wait to use them!

Thirdly, I received Calvin Klein's Ck In 2 U fragrance. I had this for the first time a few years ago and I instantly loved it and just never got round to repurchasing it again until now. It is a really fresh perfect for Summer smell!

Next I got these two Sleek items. I already have a Sleek palette (Oh So Special) and I really wanted to try another as I loved that one. Plus, this has some lovely bright shades which I have been really into wearing as of late. The second item is their much talked about Face Form trio. It contains a contour powder, a higlight colour and a blush. I have heard so much about this so I cannot wait to try it. Expect reviews!

I got this spike necklace from Asos as well as a gift and I love it. I love how cute and small it is yet still manages to make a statement and be a little egdy in its own subtle way. It will add that little bit extra to a whole load of outfits and I look forward to wearing it!

Finally, I received this reaaally pretty floral purse. It is so lovely to look at and has so many different compartments for things. It also has this little wrist strap you can pulk out and where it as a clutch with which I think is a really nice touch.

And that is everything! I love each and every thing I got and it gives me plenty of things to blog and review about, haha. Thanks so much for reading and I will leave the prices and shops for each product below!

What I got and where it's from:

• Parka - Primark/Asos
• Soap and Glory body butter trio - Boots.
• CK In 2 U - CheapSmells
• Sleek items - Amazon.
• Spike Necklace - Asos
• Floral Purse - River Island

Levinia x

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