First Impressions: Real Techniques Eye Brush Starter Set.

I absolutely love the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush set and after using it, I really wanted to try their eye brush collection! This post is going to be a first impressions post all about the set.

So I recently got this brush set and I purchased it from Amazon for around £17. You get 5 brushes in the set and as with the Core Collection, you also receive a 2in1 case and stand with it. As I said, there are 5 brushes in the set and they are:

Base Shadow Brush:
This is for applying a smooth and flawless foundation of colour.

Delux Crease Brush:
This has a soft, oversized design for contouring.

Accent Brush:
This brush is designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging.

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush:
This brush is tapered for dense or fine eyeliner application.

Brow Bush:
The distinctive shape of this brush enables for easy brow definition.

After looking at these brushes and using them once, I so far think they are really good quality. They are so soft and well made and the packaging and design of the brushes themselves looks really sleek and professional.

After a while of full and proper use, I shall do a review for you guys :) But, so far so good!

Thanks for reading x

Levinia x

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