5 Quality Eye Shadow Palettes Under £10!

As we all know, eye shadow palettes can be pricey and most people think you can only buy high quality with high prices. But, there are actually quite a few high quality and low priced palettes out there that are really good and I feel are worth the investment! In this post I will share with you a few of those said palettes that I myself have tried and tested and tell you a little bit about each.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - £4:
This palette contains 16 beautiful shimmery shades. All the shades range from golds to browns with some highlight colours in there too. The colours would make a perfect smokey eye look. As there are so many shades, you can create many different looks as well. There is a bit of fallout from the shadows and the lightest colours are not as pigmented but this can be easily worked around.

Sleek Oh So Special Palette - £7.99:
This palette contains twelve pretty shades varying in matte and shimmery finishes. There are lighter colours such as pinks as pinks and corals and then there are darker browns and a useful black matte. This is a really nice palette for creating wearable everyday looks.

Sleek Snapshots Palette - £7.99:
This a brighter palette compared to the other Sleek one I just mentioned. They neutral colours for the crease and then much brighter ones like purple, a bright pink and green shades. Again, the palette is a mix of matte and shimmery finishes. It is great for someone who wants to play around with colour in their eye shadow looks.

BeautyUK Soho Palette - £3.99:
This is a great starter palette for someone wanting to use bright colours in their looks. There are two purple shades, a pink, three blues, two greens, one yellow and one orange. The palette is very pigmented for the price and you get even better colour payoff with the application of a primer beforehand.

eBay 88 Warm Palette - £6.99:
This palette contains 88 neutral eye shadows ranging from shimmery to matte. Most of the shadows are extremely pigmented for the price and they blend well. This is a perfect shadow palette for someone new to eye shadow and is a great place for them to start.

And there you have it; 5 beautiful, high quality eye shadow all under 10 pounds each! At prices like that, these are definitely worth a try in my opinion. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this post helpful!

Levinia x

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