Summer Lip Colours!

So, it's (kind of) Summer here in the UK and as seasons change, make up choices often do too! In this post I thought I would write about the lipsticks and lip glosses that I have been wearing lately.

The first product on my list is my MUA lipstick in shade 1. It's a really nice shade of orange and has quite a matte finish to it. It's a great colour to put with a neutral eye and looks good when creating a classic retro look with winged eyeliner and a red toned blush.

Next, I really love this lipstick from Rimmel in the shade Nostalgia. It is a very pretty coral pink shade. It has quite a glossy finish and looks great with many looks.

The last lipstick in the list is my NYC one in the shade Vintage. This is a pink lipstick with a blue undertone. Again this has a glossy finish!

And lastly, onto the lip glosses that I have been wearing lately.. Firstly there is this Rimmel Vinly Gloss lipgloss in a really nice neutral beige shade. This is really pretty to wear alone or layer on top of a lipstick.

My Barry M lipgloss in this really cute pale pink colour is the very final product on my list. This can be worn alone but does not have the strongest pigment so I like to layer it. Also, it smells really good!

So, those were my current favourite lip colours for Summer!

What are yours?

Levinia x

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