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I recently watched a video by Youtube's Lilith Moon in which she created this really pretty hairstyle. You can find the link for her video here, she is really talented and creates some really beautiful hairstyles!

So, I decided to create this look myself. It was surprisingly easy and simple yet looks so nice and intricate at the same time.

To create this look, I started by gently back combing the front of my hair on either side. I then started to braid one side and then the other. The braid consisted of two pieces of hair at a time, gradually taking more for each piece as you braid further. I did each side of my hair like this and then clipped and secured the ends underneath the hair that was loose at the back. The remaining loose hair at the back of my head I seperated into three sections. I then rolled up each section, making sure the ends were not showing and secured them with a bobby pin. And the look is complete!

Obviously, it is a tad difficult to follow hair instructions from just text so don't forget to check out the link above to see the video! :)

I really love this style and it was so easy to do. It looks really elegant and pretty, it has a very retro look to it.

What do you think of this look? Will you try it?

Levinia x

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