28 Colour Blush Palette!

So, recently I have been looking for a blush palette so I had something lightweight and easy to access when I want a choice of blushes to wear in one place.

I therefore decided finding a blush palette would be ideal because it would provide me with a lot of choice in a handy and portable form. Now, I didn't want to pay too much so I did a bit of online browsing before making a purchase.

I then found this bargain from eBay! A blush palette complete with 28 blushes including a highlight. The colours on this palette range from cool pinks to darker hot pink shades and then onto oranges and a few red shades. They range from shimmery to matte and there is bound to be a colour to suit any occassion!
The colour pay off on these blushes are really good, they are extremely pigmented - really good value for money. Perfect for travelling with, enabling you to pack light and not have to pack a whole load of different individual blushes!

 And these best bit? I paid a fiver. Just five pounds for 28 really pigmented and completely wearable, quality blushes. I took the liberty off adding some swatches to this post as well so you can really see what I am talking about, enjoy :)

If you'd like this palette for yourself, you can find it here.
Thanks for reading!

Levinia x

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