OOTD: 30/06/13.

Todays outfit was prettty casual..

I wore a flowing vest top with a purple cross print on it. I teamed that with a baggy demin shirt with stud detailing on the shoulders.

With the top and shirt I wore leggings and my white high top Converse.

And that was my outfit!

What I wore and where I got it from:

Shirt - Select Fashion
Vest - Newlook
Leggings - Newlook
Converse -  Asos

Levinia x


Review: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Today I am going to review Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer. I've been using this product for a few weeks now. I finally got it after hearing sooo much about it and in this post I shall tell you what I think of it!

To start, the coverage is very good. It is a full coverage concealer and does very well to cover up any dark circles, redness or blemishes.
Despite being full coverage, it feels very light and blends well into the skin unlike some concealer which can heavy and look cakey. It stays put for a very long time, perhaps not 16 hours but a long time nonetheless!

You can purchase this concealer from places like your local Boots or Superdrug for around £4.00. A very reasonable price for such a good product in my opinion!

Overall, I would highly reccommend this concealer. It is light, has great coverage and is a really affordable price. Pretty much everything you want in a concealer!

I hope you found this review helpful, thanks for reading :)

Levinia x

MOTD: Shimmery Pink and Gold.

This look is quite a warm and summery one. It consists of shimmery peach and gold colours and I think it is really pretty and very wearable for every day. Here's how I did it:

To start as always, I primed my eyelids with my Elf primer. I then applied a light coral pink colour to my eyelids. After that, I took a medium brown colour and blended it into the crease. I then topped the brown with a light gold colour and blended that in too. After this, I applied a shimmery coral colour onto the matte coral pink shadow I used first and of course; blended! I lined my top lid and added a thicker than usual cat eye and flick. I then took a little of the gold and lined under my eyes and lined my lower water line with a black kohl liner. I took a little bit of a shimmery white pearl eyeshadow and popped that under my brow bone to highlight.

On the cheeks I went for a peachy orange blush and topped it with a little bit of darker red colour. I applied a berry lip stain to my lips and topped it with a neutral toned gloss to make it a bit more subtle.

And that's the look! I hope you liked this post and thank you for reading :)

The products I used were:

Eyes and Eyebrows:
• Revlon brow powder in Medium.
• Elf eyelid primer.
• Sleek Oh So Special palette.
• MUA Heaven and Earth palette.
• L'oreal Telescopic Mascara.
• Elf liquid eyeliner.
• No.7 eyeliner pencil.

Face and Lips:
• Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla.
• Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer.
• 28 colour blush palette.
• Covergirl Lip Stain.
• Rimmel Vinyl Gloss lip gloss.

Levinia x


MOTD: Purple and Gold.

In todays make up I created this pretty purple and gold eye shadow look. I felt like playing around with eye shadow and this is the what I came up with! Primarily I used my BeautyUK palette in Soho and my MUA gold shimmery pearl eye shadow.

To start, I applied primer to the lids and then applied the darkest purple in the BeautyUK palette all over my lid. I blended this out a little and then took and medium brown colour to the crease and again blended.  I added a darker brown shadow to the outer corner and then blended that outwards slightly and above the crease a little moving inwards. I went over the dark brown with my pearl gold MUA shadow. I then highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with a pearly white eye shadow. I then lined my top and bottom lids with a black eyeliner. I curled my lashes and applied mascara and that is the eyes done!

On the cheeks I added a peachy blush and then a darker shimmery one on top. On the lips I went for a neautral glossy lipstick from Rimmel.
So - that's the look! I hope you like it :)

The products I used were:

Eyes and Eyebrows:
• Revlon eyebrow powder in Medium.
• Elf eyelid primer.
• BeautyUK palette in Soho.
• MUA pearl individual shadow.
• Elf liquid eyeliner.
• NYC Show Time mascara.

Face and Lips:
• Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla.
• Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light.
• 28 colour blush Palette.
• Rimmel Matte face powder.

Levinia x

Review: BeautyUK No.2 Soho Palette.

Today I am reviewing this lovely little palette from BeautyUk. I got mine from Superdrug and the palette is called No.2 - Soho. It contains ten vibrant and pigmented colours: there is a pink, two shades of purple, three shades of blue, a yellow, an orange and two shades of green.

As I said, they are really pigmented and blend well. In terms of staying power they are definitely better (and brighter!) with a primer.

This palette and the others in the range retail at the bargain price of just £3.99! You are definitely getting alot of value for your money here - especially with how pigmented they are. If you are into brights or just fancy a nice change of style, get your hands on this palette! :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this review helpful!

Levinia x


OOTD: 27/06/13.

The weather was quite horrible today and so my outfit was all about comfort when I decided to finally face it...

I wore this white racer back vest which has this really pretty print of a girl on it. It flows down really nicely and has a fair amount of length to it so you can team it up with both jeans and leggings - I chose the latter!

With the vest I wore this long, dark grey cardigan from Forever21. The weather still retained a little heat so this was perfect to wear because on its own because it is nice and lightweight.

On my feet I wore these tan ankle boots from Newlook. They have buckle detailing on the side and a cute tartan print on the folded over bit of the boot, they also have this woolly bit at the top which makes for more comfort!

What I wore and where it is from:

Vest - River Island
Cardigan - Forever21
Leggings - Newlook
Boots - Newlook

Levinia x

MOTD: Smokey Green.

So.. this makeup look consists of a green smokey eye which I created using my BeautyUK palette in No. 2 - Soho.

I started as always by priming my eyes and then I applied the darkest green in the palette to my lids and blended. In the crease, I added a medium brown colour and blended, adding more into the outer corner. On top of this medium brown, I added a little shimmery golden eye shadow and a white eye shadow into the inner corner as a highlight. I then lined my top and lower lids and applied a little mascara.

For the cheeks I went with a light pink rosey blush and a light pink lipstick on the lips with a gloss on top! :)

The products I used were:

Eyes and Eyebrows:
• Revlon brow powder in Medium.
• Elf eyelid primer.
• BeautyUk palette in Soho.
• Elf liquid eyeliner.
• No.7 kohl eyeliner.
• L'oreal Telescopic Mascara in Black.

Lips and Face:
• Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla.
• Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light.
• 28 colour blush palette.
• Elf bronzer.
• No.7 Creme Touch face powder.

Thanks for reading!

Levinia x


MOTD: Aqua.

So, in todays look I decided to play around with colour and created this oceany inspired make up!

To start with the eyes, I primed my lids and added a bright, deep blue colour all over the lid and blended it to get rid of any harsh lines. I then added a bright yellow to the crease and blended. In the outer corner, I applied some dark purple and blended and then a lighter blue in the inner corner as a highlight. I lined my eyes below the water line with firstly the original blue (three quarters in) and then the yellow. I then added a thin line of liquid eyeliner and lined my waterline with a black kohl eyeliner.

Onto the lips I kept it simple and used a neutral colour similar to my own lip colour and then added a little bit of a nude colour on top. On the cheeks I went for a light peachy blush and contoured with my Elf bronzer.

And thats the look done! :)

I really hope you liked this post and this make up, I will list all the products below!

Eyes and Eyebrows:
• Revlon brow powder in Medium.
• Elf eyelid primer.
• BeautyUk Palette.
• Elf liquid eyeliner in Black.
• Barry M Kohl eyeliner in Black.
• L'oreal Telescopic Mascara.

Face and Lips:
• Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla.
• Collection 2000 Lasting Perfect Concealer in Light.
• 28 colour blush palette.
• Elf bronzer.
• Rimmel Lipstick in Beach Babe.

Levinia x

OOTD 26/06/13.

Todays outfit was quite a casual one but I made it a little more dressy with the addition of a skirt..
I wore my dark grey long sleeve cropped sweater which I tucked into my high wasted black skater skirt. I really love both of these pieces because they are soooo versatile! I added a tan belt around my waist, too.

On my feet I wore my black Light Oxford Converse.
Accessory wise, I kept it quite simple and just added a gold heart necklace.

And that is todays outfit! :)

Items and where they are from:

Sweater - Newlook
Skirt - Newlook
Converse - Schuh
Necklace - eBay

Levinia x


OOTD: 25/06/13.

So I thought I would do an outfit post today..

It was quite hot and sunny day and that got me in the mood to dress a little bit girly and summery!

I wore this really pretty, floral cami from Newlook. I think it is so cute and I love the detailing and the vintage looking floral pattern. I love the fit of this top as well and how it flows outwards.

I wore my cream knitted cardigan with this top. It can be layered and make a perfect item for Winter but also can be worn alone on a hotter day as well, which I love!

I teamed those two pieces with my navy jeggings which i rolled up at the bottoms so they sat just above the ankles. And finally, on my feet I wore my tan flats. I also really love the detailing on these shoes, they look so vintage!

And there you have todays outfit :) I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

Items and where they are from:

Top: Newlook
Cardigan: Missguided
Jeggings: Newlook
Shoes: Newlook

Levinia x

Review: St Ives Collagen Elastin Advanced Body Moisturizer.

In this post, I am going to review St Ives' Collagen Elastin Advanced Body Moisturizer!
So I picked this product up from Superdrug whilst browsing online. It was on sale and had good reviews so I thought why not!

The moisturizer itself combines collagen and elastin and is designed to nourish the skin and make it look and feel younger. It has a thick consistency and absorbs well into the skin. A little bit goes a really long way and it has a really nice smell - it reminds me of watermelon! I find it extremely moisturising and nourishing on the skin and can definitely see a difference.

Overall, I would definitely reccomend this moisturizer - especially those a bit older because of what it is deisgned for. Anyone with normal to dry skin though I think it's perfect for!
You can find this product in your local Boots or Superdrug or anywhere else of that nature. It retails at around £2.99.

Have you tried this moisturizer? What did you think?

Levinia x

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Review: The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter.

I have always loved The Body Shop and its products and today I thought I would review one of their body butters.
This particular butter is a raspberry one. It has a thick and creamy texture which melts into the skin upon application. The butter itself absorbs very quickly leaving the skin soft and silky but not greasy.

It smells really lovely, it reminds me personally of raspberry yoghurt! As I said, it does moisturise very well and I love the smell and feel of my skin afterwards. It also nourishes.
The butter retails usually at around £13 for 200ml which yes, is very pricey but it can sometimes be found on sale for around 5.

I would definitely reccommend this butter and it remains one of my favourite body products!

Have you tried any of The Body Shop products?

Levinia x


NOTD: Purple Glitter!

So! Todays nails are this pretty glitterly shade from MUA. The colour is called JellyFish.
It takes around 3 coats to become opaque which is understandable with glitter polishes. It dries fairly quickly too, which is good.

I wanted to add a little bit of something extra to my nails after applying my MUA polish and so I went for a little bit of Nails Inc chunky glitter polish in the shade Soho Street.. And there you have it!

Have you tried any of the MUA polishes? What is your favourite shade?

Levinia x

Review: MUA Individual Eye Shadows.

In todays post I am going to review MUA's individual eye shadows. 

The two particular ones that I own are pearl shades in number 4 and number 30.
As you can see, the shadows are both very shimmery. One is a coppery gold colour and the other is a lilac shade.


They are extremely pigmented and do have a little bit of fall out but that is to be expected and is easily manageable. They blend well and look really beautiful on the eye.

These shadows are only £1 each and you can purchase them from Superdrug. They have many more shades in their range and I will definitely be purchasing more and would reccommend you do too!

Have you tried any of the MUA individual eye shadows?

Levinia x


Review: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream.

Todays review is on a hair product in the well know Herbal Essences range. They have recently launched a new 'Bee Strong' collection and I shall be reviewing one of the products from that.

I am a massive fan of Herbal Essences, I love their products. They smell amazing and make my hair feel it too.

And this product was no different! It is a leave in strengthening cream to be appplied to damp hair. I liked to apply mine to the bottom half of my hair - focusing on the ends. The first thing you will notice about the cream is how lovely it smells. It has apricot and honey extracts in it which not only help to nourish hair but creates this really beautiful fruity, exotic smell. The product itself makes the hair lovely and soft, even after conditioning anyway. The cream gave my hair that extra silkiness without it feeling greasy or oily in any way. I can honestly say that my hair felt and looked noticeably better and healthier. I would definitely reccomend it.

The collection contains three other products; a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask - which I think I will be investing in! The product itself retails at the moment for only £2.19 at Tesco.

Are you a Herbal Essences fan? Have you tried any of the Bee Strong range?

Levinia x

Review: Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Body Lotion,

Todays review is on Vaselines Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant lotion. I am a massive of products that contain cocoa butter because for me and I am sure for many others, it is a trusted ingredient for use on the skin.

I spotted this particular product for the first time in Boots. I was interested of course by its main ingredient and it was on sale as well so I thought why not!

I have really fallen in love with this product and I have repurchased it countless times. It smells really nice as many cocoa butter products do and just a little bit goes so far. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave you feeling greasy. It keeps your hydrated for a very long time so it definitely is deep conditioning as it states.

What I love most about this is the really affordable price. Other cocoa butter products on the market are slightly too expensive in my opinion especially considering it is a product that will be used more or less daily.

You can find a 200ml bottle of this stuff for around £2.50 in places like Boots, Superdrug and your local supermarkets. I find these and the bigger 400ml bottles are often on sale, too!

So yeah, this product is a definitely a winner for me!

Have you tried this body lotion? If so, what do you think of this product? What are your favourite lotions?

Levinia x

NOTD: Pastels.

My nails today are this lovely pastel greeny blue colour. The shade is called Mint and the polish is from Elf!

It takes around three coats to become opaque but it does dry quickly so that isn't too bad - especially for its fairly cheap price tag.

You can pick up this polish and any other Elf products from their website and this particular product was £2.50.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this post!

Levinia x


Summer Lip Colours!

So, it's (kind of) Summer here in the UK and as seasons change, make up choices often do too! In this post I thought I would write about the lipsticks and lip glosses that I have been wearing lately.

The first product on my list is my MUA lipstick in shade 1. It's a really nice shade of orange and has quite a matte finish to it. It's a great colour to put with a neutral eye and looks good when creating a classic retro look with winged eyeliner and a red toned blush.

Next, I really love this lipstick from Rimmel in the shade Nostalgia. It is a very pretty coral pink shade. It has quite a glossy finish and looks great with many looks.

The last lipstick in the list is my NYC one in the shade Vintage. This is a pink lipstick with a blue undertone. Again this has a glossy finish!

And lastly, onto the lip glosses that I have been wearing lately.. Firstly there is this Rimmel Vinly Gloss lipgloss in a really nice neutral beige shade. This is really pretty to wear alone or layer on top of a lipstick.

My Barry M lipgloss in this really cute pale pink colour is the very final product on my list. This can be worn alone but does not have the strongest pigment so I like to layer it. Also, it smells really good!

So, those were my current favourite lip colours for Summer!

What are yours?

Levinia x

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