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I was recently contacted by Esqido Mink Lashes - a company who as you can probably ascertain from the name, produce mink eyelashes. I was lucky enough to be able to pick a design of my choice from their varied selection as well as receive some of their very own lash glue to use as well.

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I'm a bit of newbie still when it comes to lashes - I do enjoy wearing strip and individuals now and then but I haven't quite mastered the craft of application. In recent months however, I have really loved them as an addition to my makeup looks and I think that they can help to finish off a look and make it really pop. 

So, in this post I'm going to talk about the lashes I received and tell you my thoughts and feelings on them.

About Esqido:

Creators of custom designed and handcrafted lashes, Esqido's products have adorned the eyes of some very well known and influential clientele - from superstars like Rihanna to Victora Secret Angels. They are also well regarded and loved by pro makeup artists and beauty experts alike.

Esqido believe in the transformative qualities of beautiful eyelashes and due to their frustration and increased critique of what was currently being offered in the world of false eyelashes, they saw a void they could fill and decided to create their own. 

Esqido Mink Lashes are bespoke and made to be durable and designed for multiple use as well as being lightweight and comfortable for longterm wear. 

The lashes that I chose and received were the style "Lash Named Desire". They are a medium length, flirty and wispy styled lash with criss-crossed lashes and a handcrafted cotton band. They are 4-12mm in length and retail at $29.00 or roughly £21.47 in GBP. 

esqido lashes

I instantly loved how wispy and voluminous these lashes looked without being too intense. I don't like lashes that look too thick and I prefer a wispiness as I feel this adds a more natural effect to the lash. I'm also really impressed by the packaging - being delivered in a beautiful display box that oozes luxury and really makes you feel like you have a special, bespoke and quality pair of eyelashes. Before application, I trimmed down the lashes from the shortest corner to perfectly fit the shape and size of my eyes. When applied, they felt lightweight and I feel like they instantly made my eyes look bigger which I love.

esqido mink eyelashes, false eyelashes, mink lashes

I applied these lashes using the Esqido Lash Glue that I received as well. This glue dries clear and is latex free - retailing at $10.00. This glue comes equipped with a fine applicator brush which I found made it so much easier to apply glue to the lash band - allowing for precise and fast application. The glue isn't too thick and dries evenly and in only a few seconds. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this glue and was particularly happy with it's packaging and applicator. 

esqido lashes, mink lashes,

Overall, I'm really impressed with these eyelashes from Esqido and I definitely believe that they're worth trying. After one initial use and gentle removal of the glue from the band, these lashes still look as good as new so I can tell that I will get a lot of use out of them. For that reason, I think that they're certainly worth the investment - especially if you're looking for a special, beautiful eyelash.

Esqido also offer international shipping which is awesome and a delivery to the UK takes only 2-5 days at a flat rate of $5 or is free on a $50 or more purchase. If you're in the market for some new eyelashes, definitely take a look at what Esqido has to offer!


5 Minute Reviews | Stila One Step Correct Serum

As a beauty lover, I don't always get around to or sometimes feel the need to review every product that I purchase in depth. Sometimes, they just don't stand out that much to me or I don't feel as if they require a detailed review. Sometimes even, I wont get the chance to photograph them and before I 
know it, I've used them up. So, with that, I've decided to start a series of quick, "5 minute" reviews on products I've used - telling you my opinions and overall thoughts on them in a quick, easy to digest way. 

The product I'm going to be reviewing is the Stila One Step Correct Serum** which is supposed to be a colour correcting serum that is meant to brighten and even out the skin tone due it's triple-swirled formula. This formula is targeted to counteract redness using the colour green, dark circles using peach and sallowness using lavender. Usually, I like to use this as a sort of "pre" primer or even a primer on its own prior to application of my makeup. I pump out a small, pea sized amount and apply it over the skin, letting it sink in for a while before the next step of my routine.

This product retails at £24.00 and can be purchased from BeautyBay

Upon dispensing the product from the bottle, it becomes obvious that the triple swirled formula isn't going to say separate and is going to mix together - for this reason, it's difficult for me to see how this would be able to affectively colour correct the skin when you may need certain colours only in specific areas. 

I didn't find a real difference made to my complexion other than a slight restriction in the redness of my overall face. My skin did however feel hydrated and plumped after applying this serum so for that reason, I do think it has really effective hydrating properties which would be very effective for dryer skin types. When my skin was particularly dry on a given day, this is a primer I would use and reach for in order to give me skin a soft, glowy and hydrated base for makeup so for that reason, I did really enjoy it.

From a colour correction standpoint, I didn't really find this serum to deliver anything over than the slight dulling of my complexions redness. I would and do much prefer to target my pigmentation utilising seperate colour correcting products so that I can specifically target my areas of concern. 

Whilst I did find this serum to be hydrating, this isn't the main purpose of the product and so from this perspective, I can't say that I would recommend this product if you're looking for something to colour correct your skin before makeup application. If however you're looking for a hydrating, plumping serum / makeup primer, Stila's One Step Correct Serum is actually a good choice! 


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Friday Feelings | Conformity and Following Your Own Path

In one way or another, we have all been and will at at least one point in our lives, be victims of conformity. Whether that be down to fear, pressure or the confusion of not really knowing who you are. For much of my teenage years, I in many ways conformed. Whilst I wasn't doing half the things the kids my age were at the time, I still followed along with my group of friends pretending to like the same things as them, laughing at jokes I didn't really find funny and worst of all, even being mean and bitchy when that wasn't really who I was. 

Why do we conform and why did I? Like I said above, there's many reasons and for me, it was mainly out of confusion and frankly, wanting to survive school which for me wasn't always that great. I didn't really who I was - much as most teenagers don't at the time. I was always very aware of what my interests should be, what my aesthetic should be - so that I could fit it and God forbid, not stand out too much

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